I demand you make this better RIGHT NOW.

The day her mom passed she wouldn’t even open the door. Gale sat outside of her dorm with his back pressed against the cool metal and his head resting backwards. 

"Madge," he knocked his head. He had been out here for hours and he knew she was in there. "Christ. Just let me in."

Finally, after what felt like years, he heard a quiet shuffle on the other side. “Go away, Gale,” her voice was muffled through the door. “You’ll just make it worse.”

At the sound of her voice his fight was revitalized. He twisted, his knees digging into the hard carpet and his forehead pressed against her door. “Let me in,” he pleaded. 

"Didn’t you hear me?" her voice was pained. He could almost feel her on the other side. "You’ll just make it worse!" 

"No, no," Gale shook his head. "Just let me hold you." She sniffled and again there was a shift. "I don’t - fuck, I don’t want anything from you, Madge. I just want to hold you.” 

Her voice was a tad louder now, “Why?” Everything they always did was about getting something in return. 

"Why?" Gale slammed his head against the door and fiddled with the handle, desperate to be let in. "Shit, Madge." His chest ached an infinite amount. "Because I love you for fuck’s sake now will you just…" Gale squeezed his eyes shut. What a shitty confession. She probably wouldn’t even believe him, and with her mom just passing? He just ruined the whole fucking thing. But still he stays, his forehead against the metal. "Open the door," he whispered. 

And just as he was about to give up, the door cracked open.

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