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dysfunctional relationship au

She had spent her entire life never feeling good enough - so Gale made up for it. He’d sit with her at night and rub her back, remind her that it didn’t matter if her father never said he was proud of her because Gale was proud of her. He told her, “You’re smart and you’re brave and you are so important.”

And he had needs that couldn’t be met with his hand - so Madge made up for it. She’d kiss him hard, bruise his skin, let him leave fingerprints on her hips. “You made me feel so good,” she said.

It was the definition of a dysfunctional relationship. You take care of me, I’ll make you feel good. And they loved it, but they hated it. 

When Gale kissed her hard she knew he was seeing someone else, someone who wasn’t blonde and wasn’t as frail as she was and someone who he actually wanted to be with. And when Madge cried onto his shoulder he knew it was partly because his words would never be good enough for her, she didn’t believe them half the time. 

He tailored his conversation to meet her needs, and she changed her actions depending on what he wanted. 

What a shitty way to fall in love with someone - not ever thinking you were honestly doing it all for them. 

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